Education & Fine Arts

Reproduction is very important, and being so, it is our desire to see men and women who are spiritually and naturally adept pour themselves into others so that they too will progressively become.  For those who carry in their DNA the potential of expression through the arts, outlets of accommodation are made available for such to excel.  It has been observed that education is the knowledge of putting one’s potentials to maximum use.  Being that this is true it is our goal to develop programs that will assist individuals in the development of the whole man, both naturally and spiritually.

Education Ministries:

Academic Excellence

Ministry Head:  Minister Connie Rosemond

College Support Network

Ministry Head:  Minister Gail Pickett

Mega School of Ministry

Ministry Head:  Minister Connie Rosemond

Mega School of Theology

Ministry Head:  Minister/Dean Linda Holt

William C. White Foundation

Ministry Head:  Elder William C. White

The Mega Church Fine Arts ministries seek to display God’s wonder and love in Excellence through the ARTS.  Throughout the Bible there are examples of God’s anointing being on display through those who were very skillful in the performing arts.  It is our desire to continue to minister to the masses through the performing arts by cultivating the gifts that God has placed in those with ability, desire and most importantly a call.  There are opportunities at all level and ages for individuals to glorify God and minister through their gifts and talents given by God.

Fine Arts Ministries:


Overseer:  Executive Pastor Louie A. E. Hendon, III

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  • Mega Website

    • Editor:  Deacon Mike Mackoy
    • Editor:  Meaghan Blackwell


  • Audio Ministry

  • Ministry Head:  Deacon Jermaine Burge


Drama Ministry

Ministry Head:  Angela Brown-Miller

Mega Kidz Choir

Ministry Head:  Minister Vennie Palmer/Rebecca Hayes

Rhythmic Sounds of Mega

Ministry Head:  Minister Vennie Palmer

Voices of Mega

Ministry Head:  Executive Pastor Louie A. E. Hendon, III