The Seven Pillars

Mega Church operates its ministry upon seven cardinal principles which are called “the Seven Pillars.”  These “Seven Pillars” are foundational to fulfilling the Corporate Vision of Mega Church and the purpose to which we have been assigned in the Cleveland Metropolitan Area and clarify how we attend to the needs of the constituents of this ministry as well as motivate them to effectively serve our community.


In an age that technology is rampantly infecting how we do business in the world, it is mandatory that we update our approach to effective ministry.  Computer technology is readily available to our social order, and therefore the most effective means in communicating with those that we wish to touch is by creating tools through which we can reach our community and those we want to expose ourselves to in global proportions.


Self-development is a strong need in the communities that Mega Church serves. Mega Church stands ready to assist in changing the statistics that now haunt this city in which it serves.  All races are afforded this God-given right, and we dedicate ourselves thereto.  One of the materials to assist in this area of need is Dr. Luther Blackwell’s “Power To Get Wealth”, a book that has had impact upon humanity around the globe, and is available in both English and Spanish.  Prosperity and health is the goal for everyone who becomes exposed to the ministry of Mega Church.

Education and Fine Arts

As we are very much a ministry who promotes the development of one’s self (talents, gifts, abilities), one of the greatest means through which this goal can be achieved is through education.  It has been observed that education is the knowledge of putting one’s potentials to maximum use.  Being that this is true it is our goal to develop programs that will assist individuals in the development of the whole man, both naturally and spiritually.  Therefore Mega Church gives itself to the achieving of such goals by offering programs of both types on a frequent and consistent basis to our church and community for such a purpose.  It is our goal to expose both communities to the very best and informed teachers in their respective fields of endeavor to those who have a quest for learning in those defined areas.


It was the business community that Jesus tapped when He went on His stroll looking for potential disciples.  It was something about their disciplined mind-set that He felt would be an asset to the Kingdom of God and the promotion thereof.  Obviously being that a sizable constituency of the disciples of Jesus was an integral part of this business community-at-large shows its value in promoting the efforts of Jesus in a most efficient manner.  If Jesus thought it important enough to surround Himself with those of an entrepreneurial spirit, how much more should we continue to foster that spirit in the hearts and lives of individuals who are disciples of such a commercial mind-set.  We at Mega Church are committed to helping those in business develop their skills, sharpen their techniques, understand their unique challenges, know their laws, serve their community, and become a viable entity in the Cleveland Metropolitan Area and abroad.

Expansion and Administration

Growth is a great part of the success of any organization.  Mega Church is no exception to that rule.  A sign of growth is an increase of numbers, an addition of programs, and facilities to house those who not only gather for worship, but also for the health of the total person.  This means that we must incorporate in our program an eye that will wisely and carefully seek out ways and means to accomplish this end in the continuum of expansion, growth, and development.  Equally important are skilled individuals who have the expertise to manage the operation with efficiency and yet ingenious dexterity.

Evangelism and Marketing

The great commission has everything to do with touching the world through evangelism.  The growth of Mega Church, its fulfilling the great commission, and ministering to the misfortunate in a variety of ways are all predicated upon this all-important “pillar.”  Mega Church can never bring pleasure to the heart of God without making the necessary sacrifice for humanity as He called upon His Son to do.  Jesus Christ in leaving the earth left because He had in mind a people who would continue His fight against the powers of darkness and the deliverance of people therefrom.  The Lord Jesus Christ was comforted in knowing that such a people would exist, and we are that people for this time and season.  The Mega Arm must continually be extended to bring men and women of all descriptions and types into the Kingdom of God for which He sacrificed Himself.  This is also the message that we will rejoice in publishing to the world via print, media, flyers and brochures, and other marketing tools that are made available.

Excellence in Family Living

God’s promise to Abraham was that “in him would all families of the earth be blessed.”  God’s solution to those who were abandoned, dejected, forsaken, and alone was to “set the solitary in families.”  Since God places such a high premium on families and family life, it is no wonder as to why it must be the church’s high priority as well as placed as a “pillar” in Mega Church.  The church can be no stronger than its weakest family.  If this is where God sees the solution for those who have not had kind experiences in their relationships, then programs must be created to reverse the damage that the enemy has begun for their total destruction.  Building the family must be as great a priority for the church as it is for Satan to bring about its demise.  Relationships in family life, both spiritual and social, must be strong.  We are committed to the strength of family life—men loving wives, women submitted to husbands, children obedient to parents.  It is only through the establishment of this Christ-like pattern will the earth be blessed.