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Posted by Mega Church
on December 13th, 2014

The City of Cleveland has experienced a “resurrection” in the eyes of the world.  What was formerly known as “the Mistake on the Lake” is now becoming an epicenter for the future. This past summer the City of Cleveland hosted the International Gay Games with 10,000 participants.  Thousands upon thousands continually flock to Ohio’s first casino in downtown Cleveland.  There is the $465 million dollar Medical Mart and Convention Center Complex.  In 2016 the Republicans make their way into Cleveland as it hosts the Republican National Convention.  And in sports there is Johnny Manziel and of course LeBron James.  It could be said that Cleveland is the place to be! 

 However, if you look at the list of “happenings” in the city, there is a major area that is being overlooked.  No mentioning of it is being made at all.  However, in the ears of those who are praying and believing, there is a sound that is being heard—“The Church Is Next!” 

 Yes, the church is being positioned for a major happening in this arena that is being viewed by the world.  Cleveland has very recently been voted the 4th most popular “Rising Star” destinations in the world.  No! No! The world will not be able to see all of these things bursting on the scene without viewing the uniqueness of God as He is manifested through His people.  Oh people of God, get ready!  For “The Church Is Next!”



Posted by Mega Church Saturday, December 13th, 2014.
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